W2 Conference Moscow: How Employee Wellbeing Influences the Business Efficiency

W2 Conference Moscow: How Employee Wellbeing Influences the Business Efficiency

On March 19, 2020, Smile-Expo will organize w2 conference Moscow – event dedicated to workplace wellness: improvement of physical and mental health of the employees at the workplace. What will the speakers discuss and how this information will be useful to the attendees?

About the event

W2 conference is an event dedicated to development of programs for health and well-being improvement of the employees at the workplace in companies of various type and scale. According to the research of Marsh and Mercer in Russia, 87% of 113 companies that participated in the inquiry have implemented at least one WW program during the last three years.

Experts at the conference will explain how to care about the physical, mental and financial well-being of the employees, reviewing cases of increasing the satisfaction level within the team and its direct influence on the ROI.

Conference program will be split into four theme blocks:

  • Physical Health. As part of this section, specialists will address the issue of a healthy workplace and established stereotypes. We’ll talk about corporate events designed for health improvement and promoting the healthy lifestyle.

  • Mental Health. This block will be dedicated to the development of stress resistance of employees, as well as the importance of emotional support regardless of gender. Experts will also analyze the influence of technologies on mental health.

  • Financial Wellbeing. Speakers will address the influence of financial stress on the decline of human psychological state and the importance of employee financial health support. We’ll focus on health insurance programs, decreasing of sick leave costs, as well the importance of WW programs for ROI and VOI.

  • Social Wellbeing. Experts will talk about the correlation of workplace wellness and the career, acknowledgement and relations in the team. Learn about the strategies of communication with remote employees and ways to ensure their work wellbeing.

Speakers of the event will review the key trends and latest insights, as well as cases of a successful integration of WW programs in Russia and in the world, providing special attention to indexes that help to evaluate the efficiency of existing wellness programs.


According to the inquiry by Marsh and Mercer, most of WW programs are created for coping with the existing problems. But the global development of workplace wellness will gradually evolve into the systematic approach for preventing various risks at the workplace. Thus, the amount of specialists involved in development of WW is growing continuously.

Learning more about workplace wellness will be especially useful to professionals in various segments:

  • business executives;

  • wellbeing directors;

  • happiness managers;

  • counselors of mental health at the workplace;

  • HR specialists;

  • authors of business literature;

  • corporate liability specialists;

  • and many others.

Date and location

Conference will take place on March 19, 2020. Event will be organized in the Russian capital at Technopolis Moscow congress center.

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