Meet the First Speakers of w2 Conference Moscow

Meet the First Speakers of w2 Conference Moscow

W2 conference Moscow is an event dedicated to workplace wellness – key trend in personnel management. Speakers will tell how to take care of the employee wellbeing and why this is important for the company. Who will become the speaker at the event?

w2 conference Moscow that will take place on March 19 will unite executives, HR managers, mental health experts, corporate liability professionals and other specialists.

Event gusts will find out about workplace wellness, how it works and why taking care of the personnel is the basis of a successful business. Names of first three speakers are already known:

  • Stanislav Skakun, CEO at Biodata – company developing corporate checkups, processing and storing medical data. Specialist studies the correlation between physical health/stress resistance and involvement in the working process. Stanislav regularly measures 800 biochemical indexes of his body.

  • Sergey Shuklin, CEO at REINFO – a group of companies specializing on corporate tourism. Participated in the development of professional service for tourist groups in Sochi, promoting active tours and eco adventures for corporate clients.

  • Sergey Makarov – Deputy Director at the National Center for Financial Literacy, independent personal finance and investment consultant. Has been teaching finance consultants, bank managers, and developing guide materials for national programs of financial literacy.

Join us to talk to speakers in person and ask your questions. The conference includes expert presentations in four sections: Physical Health, Mental Health, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing. In addition, guests of the event will be able to learn about successful workplace wellness cases.

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