Speakers of w2 Conference Moscow. Who Are They and What Will They Talk About?

Speakers of w2 Conference Moscow. Who Are They and What Will They Talk About?

On October 5, Russian capital will host w2 conference Moscow dedicated to improving employee wellbeing and increasing their efficiency through workplace wellness programs.

Event will feature speakers from top companies who will talk about maintaining the physical and mental health of employees, as well as increasing their productivity and engagement in the working process.

Meet experts who will share their experience and successful cases with guests

  • Stanislav Skakun is the founder and CEO at biodata.group. The company specializes in developing check-ups for corporate clients. Biodata examines the impact of employees’ physical health on their stress resistance and engagement.

Stanislav will make a presentation on improving the efficiency of the team through medical examinations. At the conference, he will talk about how health affects emotional engagement in operations and how doctors can help to fight burnout.

  • Sergey Makarov is a member of the Council at the self-regulatory organization National Association of Financial Planners. An independent financial analyst and a specialist with 15 years of experience in consulting and training in the field of personal financial planning, personal finance and investing.

The speaker will talk about how financial stress affects employees and how trainings can improve financial literacy at the workplace.

  • Tatiana Ananieva is a Development Director at Apostrof-Media, a company engaged in HR consulting, analysis, formation, development of the brand and corporate culture. She is a lecturer at Moscow Communications School and the Higher School of Economics. In the past, she headed the Employer’s brand project at Rosatom.

At w2 conference Moscow, Tatiana will share her experience in developing social interaction among employees to improve their well-being. She will talk about the implementation of happiness practices at the company, ways to develop an open communication policy of interaction, a culture of feedback and gratitude. Also, audience will learn about the methods of internal corporate community development.

  • Marina Vostrikova is the Head of online support at Bitrix24 and an expert in creating and managing remote teams. She has experience in building an international division with a staff of more than 60 consultants and creating a sales department in an IT company.

During her presentation, Marina will talk about managing the impact of remote work on the stress levels, well-being and productivity. Guests of the event will learn how to organize the work and communication of the outsourced employees, what are the advantages of flexible hours and its disadvantages for health.

Join w2 conference Moscow and find out how to improve health, increase employee productivity and as a result, increase business efficiency and profitability.

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