Check out Genetic Tests of MyGenetics in the Exhibition Area of w2 conference Moscow

Check out Genetic Tests of MyGenetics in the Exhibition Area of w2 conference Moscow

MyGenetics is a simple way to become more efficient.

The corporate program provided by MyGenetics involves:

  • DNA testing for employees;

  • genetics research for every employee, preparation of personal DNA reports and recommendations;

  • analysis of data on all employees and data interpretation;

  • individual and group consultations, training sessions, group activities, support of the whole process, result control;

  • improvement in company performance thanks to the obtained recommendations.

Results of corporate DNA testing can be used to draft a plan of preventive measures and to provide medical treatment to employees, as well as in the process of developing a system of physical exercises. They will come in useful to research the health state of every team member, detect predispositions to illnesses, and prepare personal insurances.

MyGenetics is one of the leaders in the direct to consumer segment of the DNA testing market. Over 7 years of company operation, over 25,000 people used MyGenetics tests all over the world.

Currently, MyGenetics does screenings in four main directions:

Diet. Sport. Health (MyWellness)

Individual food ration and a plan of health workouts, weight control and improvement of sport results.

Youth and beauty (MyBeauty)

A personal skin and hair care system intended to retain youth and beauty.

Energy and productivity (MyNeuro)

Recommendations on working conditions and recreation, stress and emotional burnout prevention, advances in brain functions.

Child development (MyBaby)

Recommendations on nutrition and physical load for the correct development of a child.

After the testing, a person gets a DNA report containing individual recommendations in the form of an illustrated magazine, written in simple and clear language, which the person can easily use in everyday life. Besides, the testing is followed by a consultation with a physician that helps to understand the nuances of the report and to plan a balanced diet.

On April 28, everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions of MyGenetics’ reps and buy DNA testing kits at w2 conference Moscow.

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