The founder of Ilya Mutovin will talk about Psychological Safety at w2 Conference Moscow

The founder of Ilya Mutovin will talk about Psychological Safety at w2 Conference Moscow

What is psychological safety and how it influences employee productivity? How to prevent emotional burnout at work? On April 28, attendees of w2 conference Moscow will find out more about this from the founder of Russia’s largest recommendation service – experienced entrepreneur and biohacker Ilya Mutovin.

His presentation will be titled: “Psychological safety: What makes the team efficient and happy?”

Key points:

  • the influence of psychological safety level and how to measure it;

  • how to improve the level of psychological safety in the company;

  • what are the dangers of emotional burnout and how to prevent it;

  • how not to face the “Monday syndrome” and always enjoy going to work;

  • efficient methods helping to recover inner resources and reset.

In 2012, Ilya founded the feedback and recommendations website He is a biohacking enthusiast and has his own Instagram blog promoting a healthy lifestyle, methods of life prolongation.

Expert has a MSc Management degree from Leeds University Business School. From 2006 till 2008, he has been implementing channel development projects at ProfMedia, optimizing organizational structure at Rambler, and developing employee motivation system.

At the conference, Ilya will share his experience in establishment of psychologically safe team where employee wellness and productivity are constantly improving.

Meet the expert at w2 conference Moscow that will take place on April 28. Event will address the importance of preserving the employee health and organization of a comfortable corporate environment.

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