New Three Speakers at w2 Conference Moscow: Details

New Three Speakers at w2 Conference Moscow: Details

On October 5, Moscow will host w2 conference Moscow dedicated to improving corporate well-being of employees.

Recognized experts will speak at the event, explaining why employee care is a foundation of a successful business and how to improve employee health and productivity through workplace wellness programs.

Meet three new speakers who will share their experience and useful recommendations with the guests of the conference.

  • Alexander Shtulman is a specialist in addiction treatment who specializes in mental health issues and has many years of experience working with problems of addictions. The expert is a member of Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Since 2008, he has been a Managing Partner at Corporate Health, which helps implement health promotion programs for its employees. Its goal is to increase the involvement and motivation of the staff and create a favorable working environment.

Alexander will analyze the reasons of absenteeism and presenteeism at the company and talk about corporate well-being programs that help to reduce their level.

  • Alena Angelcheva is HR Business Partner at hotels and coworking spaces of Becar Asset Management. Conducted 420 useful training, team building and workshop sessions.

She has eight years of experience in the development of corporate culture and talents. The main clients are international premium hotels and real estate properties.

At the conference Alena will make a presentation “Efficiency via happiness”. She will tell how to create an inspiring corporate culture and what needs to be done to ensure that employees experience happiness and the company grows. In addition, the speaker will share the cases of major hotel brands.

  • Ilya Mutovin is a biohacker, founder of recommendation service. He worked at Strategy Partners and ProfMedia. Leads a successful Instagram blog “Biohacking is easy”.

The speaker will cover the topic “Psychological safety: What makes the team efficient and happy”. His presentation will focus on a corporate psychological safety. In addition, he will analyze how to avoid the ‘Monday syndrome’ and burnout.

Join w2 conference Moscow and find out how to improve well-being and increase efficiency of employees with a benefits for business.

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