Special offer on IWD! Buy Tickets to w2 Conference Moscow at the Beneficial Price

Special offer on IWD! Buy Tickets to w2 Conference Moscow at the Beneficial Price

The International Women's Day is coming! Celebrating the holiday, we’ve prepared a special promotion – buy one ticket to w2 conference Moscow and get the second one as a gift!


Special offer celebrating the International Women's Day is valid for 5 days – from March 6 till March 10. Buying an early bird ticket, you get another one absolutely free.

The price for 2 tickets on 6-10 of March: 8000 RUB.

The price for 2 tickets after March 10: 16,000 RUB.

Don’t miss the chance and use this as a gift for your friend!

About w2 conference Moscow

The conference dedicated to corporate wellness of the employees will take place on April 28. Program of the event is almost completely filled. It includes expert speakers from Biodata, REINFO, QIWI, Apostrophe-Media, Mail.ru Group etc.

They will talk about the benefits of checkups and corporate events dedicated to improvement of employee health, efficient ways to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as increasing of employee happiness, social interaction practices, creating a perfect office and other useful topics.

Event guests get a unique chance to attend a demo area where companies will present a wide range of products and services. Exhibitors will include FITMOST, MyGenetics, Corporate Health, MIF and other businesses. Attendees will get an opportunity to win a FITMOST fitness membership and books from MYF publishing house.

Get tickets at the best price and learn more about improving your efficiency and optimizing the corporate culture.

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