6 Reasons to Skip Working Day Beneficially. First – w2 conference Moscow, Find the Rest in the Article

6 Reasons to Skip Working Day Beneficially. First – w2 conference Moscow, Find the Rest in the Article

On March 19, 2020, one will hold w2 conference Moscow, an event dedicated to the establishment of advantageous conditions for individual employees and the team, as well as the advancement of the physical and mental state of staff in order to increase their performance.

Workplace Wellness (WW) is a set of measures aimed at personnel physical state improvement, stress reduction, and psychological support. According to the study of Marsh and Mercer, WW programs help to decrease damages caused by staff diseases by 40% and enhance profit due to better productivity.

w2 conference Moscow will reveal these trends as well as thoroughly analyze the efficient tools for workplace healthcare.

Other reasons

Efficient networking

Expert information

Chiefs of the majority of modern companies have heard of Workplace Wellness programs, but not all of them totally realize their specific nature and benefits. Speakers at w2 conference Moscow will share their experience, talk about the implementation of WW methods for small and medium businesses, as well as give examples of successful operations in this area.

Event guests will discover more about personnel health improvement tools, recent trends, and WW up-to-date methods. They will also find out how to apply the experience of their colleagues who have already adopted similar programs.

Efficient networking

Presentations by industry experts will be just a part of the event. You will be able to obtain more first-hand information during communications with speakers and other visitors. Networking will allow you to share contacts with potential partners and investors.

The event will involve company representatives engaged in different sectors, HR specialists, entrepreneurs, and startupers. Do not miss a chance to expand your database of contacts and useful acquaintances that can turn into a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Introduction of products or ideas

The event will feature a demo zone whose participants will present valuable Workplace Wellness solutions and projects to a wide audience. You will be able to show a product or its idea to potential customers and investors, obtain feedback, and find new partners.

Guests of w2 conference Moscow will get an opportunity to examine new tools and services for health improvement at work, as well as to appreciate their potential and efficiency.

Personal enrichment

Single-subject specialists, heads of large and small companies, and HR experts will gain access to new information and learn more about the current situation in the related industries. Exploring conference topics, you will become proficient in the effective tools and feel inspired by fresh ideas and solutions for your company.

Acquisition of new skills

How to obtain the greatest amount of knowledge and new skills?

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