10 Ways to Increase Personnel Efficiency

10 Ways to Increase Personnel Efficiency

Motivated people work with better output, which positively influences the revenue and ranking of the company. Solving the productivity issue is the top-priority task of the executive that wants to gain success. What are the ways to engage employees in work processes?

How to increase the efficiency of staff?

Human resource is important for both big and small business not depending on the company’s specialization. If employees are happy and truly engaged in work, their work performance improves, having a positive impact on business growth.

Even small changes in corporate culture can significantly increase the efficiency level. It allows achieving better results in a shorter time, as well as save resources spent on the fulfillment of unnecessary tasks.

A motivated employee positively influences the atmosphere in the team, while a noninvolved person brings an element of chaos, reduces the overall work performance, and motivation. The task of the executive is to change the situation, as well as form a positive attitude to work among employees.

1. Employee reward

Employee reward

It is important to incentivize and reward team members. This is not only about bonus payments and salary rise for well-done work but also about verbal praise. It is necessary to tell employees that they have worked hard and to provide them with constructive feedback. Incentives have to be personalized: the most efficient way is to assess the work of every standalone employee instead of general results.

It is important to distinguish the progress of team members in order to motivate them for further success, as well as increase the interest of other employees at work. If people see that their endeavors are rewarded, they try to perform their duties better.

2. Tools for work

Tools for work

It is important to provide employees with the biggest number of tools possible, required for both work and performance control. This involves quality hardware outfitted with licensed software, apps and electronic means for collaborative work such as Trello list-making app, file storage databases (Google Drive), and work chats in different messengers.

For the new people to be aware of all opportunities of provided tools, it is necessary to teach them to work with the equipment, programs, and apps. As even such trivial things as poor knowledge of Word’s Table tools, Google docs, or low speed of typing can influence productivity.

3. Delegation of duties and autonomy

Delegation of duties

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to give employees the possibility to be personally responsible for the fulfillment of tasks, freely organize their time and resources. A good manager does not control every step as if he does not trust employees, because it strongly dispirits, demotivates, and reduces work performance. Instead, it is better to check and analyze results, leaving the responsibility for the way and speed of fulfillment on the subordinate.

A competent manager can delegate duties: it bears risks but is necessary to grow motivation and contentment of the team. If you give responsible employees a possibility to acquire and use management skills, it will bring a benefit to the company and a sense of contentment from work to people.

4. Communication and feedbacks

Communication and feedbacks

A correctly built communication with employees is a guarantee of the company’s success. Communication has to be two-sided and top managers should not only inform subordinates but also listen to their suggestions. Managers that can set the tasks clearly and give quality feedbacks increase staff efficiency and motivate people to work harder.

It is necessary to show that the opinion of every employee is important for the company: not only to listen to but also to take account of requests to improve labor conditions, work processes, tools for the realization of set goals. The employee whose opinion is heard feels needed and works with higher efficiency.

5. Taking care of employee wellness

Taking care of employee wellness

Incentivizing team members at all levels, taking care of their physical and mental health is a key method to improve productivity and engagement of employees in corporate affairs. Such corporations as Google and Microsoft follow the principles of workplace wellness (WW), a global HR trend.

WW is a system intended to form a healthy communicative culture, constructive communication, and to increase engagement. The trend involves care of the physical state of employees, mental health, mainstreaming of a healthy lifestyle, and many other things.

You can learn more about the principles of workplace wellness from the latest research and articles about staff management, as well as at such themed events as w2 conference Moscow.

6. Flexible schedule and remote work

Flexible schedule and remote work

For employees to feel satisfied, happy, and full of energy, it is necessary to ensure a balance between work and personal life. It implies the possibility to work flexible hours, take an official vacation, additional days off when required and without red tape.

Remote employees are more productive: they work longer hours, and take sick days less often. These characteristics allow significantly saving on the maintenance of a huge office, as well as increasing work performance. Many international and local companies actively hire remote workers (GitHub, AdMe, Yandex) and pay only for the fulfilled tasks rather than time spent in the office.

7. Access to social media

Access to social media

People use social media at work for different reasons: some – to relax, others – to build social contacts in the professional field. Regardless of the reasons, the prohibition to use social media at work can cause a negative response from the side of employees – people will think that they are controlled too strictly and are not trusted. The research findings of Evolv show that experienced social media users efficiently work in a multitasking environment and are happy with their work.

However, not all human resources specialists think that the use of social media is appropriate at work time. At least, if the company forbids using such resources, it should not be a total ban: companies with strict work discipline need to offer small official breaks for communication in messengers and social media.

8. Good social package and free education

Good social package and free education

Discounts and loyalty programs for employees, insurance or medical care at the workplace, the possibility to attend sports sections – all of it attracts people and increases the level of work satisfaction. Extra opportunities that the company provides to employees apart from the salary also encourage the corporate spirit.

If the company pays for employee education, it will not be long before you see the increase in performance efficiency. Truly good employees gladly use the possibility to improve qualifications and skills and then use them in practice. Free education not only motivates but also gives new tools for the improvement of productivity.

9. Analysis and measurement of productivity

Analysis and measurement of productivity

To understand the efficiency level of certain incentives, you need to measure and factor in results. A KPI system will do here, helping to define the main characteristics of every employee, the norm for objective fulfillment, and remuneration. At the same time, workers need to see their results and the results of their colleagues regularly. It creates an atmosphere of healthy competition, leading to the growth in labor efficiency.

10. Building a corporate culture

Building a corporate culture

Happy, self-realized employees work harder and show good results. Not only the reward or verbal praise but also the atmosphere in the team are important for the wellbeing of staff. Principles of trust and respect are important to implement in the corporate culture. It increases engagement and productivity.

For this purpose, companies can organize training courses and corporate events, outfit the office with the areas intended for informal communication and games, mainstream the principles of mutual respect and politeness.

How to use productivity improvement techniques

The businessperson Sergei Kolesnikov, who is on the Forbes list, believes that it is important to increase productivity step-by-step, as radical and sudden changes can provoke a negative reaction among employees. The executive needs to be the main inspirer, adhere to the new rules and strictly follow the principles of corporate culture, motivating others by a personal example.

In the case of professional management, national business is capable of achieving the performance efficiency of well-known international companies. The main thing is taking into account that the improvement in efficiency and care of personnel should be a system, the company’s philosophy rather than a one-time special offer. In this case, endeavors start paying off in half of the year or a year of work.

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